Easily fascinated with what life and the world has to offer, I approach portraiture with the idea of creating an intimate portrait. A portrait that evokes a sense of emotion when viewing it. That can only be achieved by gaining the subjects trust and creating an atmosphere of comfort. Constantly composing anything I see from a photographer's point of view, I am grateful to have learned the power of observation. 

   A self taught photographer, for as long as i can remember I have always had an appreciation for a well composed photograph. Often, i would find myself gravitating more towards portraiture, as human interaction and the relationships that we create with one another has always intrigued me. I believe the relationships that we create play a huge part in shaping us as individuals. 

   Born and raised in Hayward, California, the diversity of the Bay Area has helped shape me as an individual and photographer. I attribute my many experiences throughout my thirty-four years of life to the person and photographer that I am today. I have learned that there will always be someone who is better than you. Knowing this is all the motivation I need to constantly evolve as a photographer.   

 This is a glimpse into my world through my eyes. How I see people. Through my photography you will find a part of me in each photograph. This is an intimate look between photographer and subject.

Contact me at Anthonylewphoto@Yahoo.com


Anthony Lew